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At Dillon Vineyard, we are more than just a gathering; we’re a family! We are a warm, inviting place to encounter God. The church is about people, not about places or buildings. Our emphasis as a church is on relationships. The heart of the Vineyard is to provide opportunities for people to connect with God and with others, and to serve the community we live in.

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Welcome to the Vineyard

Join us for Sunday Service at 9:00 & 10:30 am

Upcoming Events:

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                                                     Dillon Vineyard Calendar 2023



6-7       Youth LOCK-IN

13        Marriage Works

15        Group Leaders Lunch

29        Sunday Coordinators Lunch (security)

30        YA/college group dinners



3          Worship Team Practice

3-5       Kingdom Essentials Mini Conference

             -(Fri. 7-9pm, Sat. 9-12noon, Sun. 10:30am)

5          All Church Potluck (Favorite Soup)

10        Marriage Works

13&27 YA/college group dinners

24-26   Youth Winter Retreat



3          Worship Team Practice

9          Board Meeting

10        Marriage Works

12        CM/YM/Sunday Cord/Team Leaders Lunch

13&27 YA/college dinners



2          Baptism

7          Worship Team Practice

7          Good Friday Service

9          Easter

10&24 YA/college group dinners

14        Marriage Works

16        All Church Potluck



4          National Day of Prayer

19        Marriage Works

14        Mother’s Day

19& 20 Church Spring Cleaning/Painting Day



15          Board Meeting

18        Father’s Day



23        Dillon History Days Church in the Park

30        Baptism & Baby Dedication



4-6      Youth Summer camping trip

25        Stakeholders Annual Meeting/Celebration

27        Sunday Coordinators Lunch (security)



1-4       Rodeo Weekend & Labor Day parade

11&25 YA/college dinners

15        Marriage Works



8      30th Anniversary Celebration              -Church-10:30am, BBQ-12pm, Worship Night-6pm

9&23   YA/college dinners

13        Marriage Works

15        All Church Potluck (Mexican Fiesta)

18-22   Mexico Orphanage Mission Trip

29        Baptism & Baby Dedication



9          Board Annual Budget Meeting

10        Marriage Works

12        CM/YM/Sunday Cord/Team Leaders Lunch

13&27 YA/college dinners

23        Serve at Catholic church - Thanksgiving



1          Christmas Decorate Church Day

8          Marriage Works

24        Christmas Eve Sunday Service (10:30am) (appetizers & cider after service)




All Church Event

Serving Teams/opportunities


College/Young Adults


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